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A rugged two wheeled, hinged lid binThis spill kit is contained in a highly portable wheeled bin with a hinged lid that is ideal for locations where a quantity of sorbents need to be taken to the site of a spill at a moments notice. The wheels are made from tough rubber and cannot puncture.Spill kit’s contents include:
100 x Pads size 40 cm x 46 cm (16” x 18”)These Oil only pads are very absorbent medium weight Coldform2TM made from recycled and renewable sourced natural fibres. They have a spun-bond lamination added for extra strength.
6 x Pillows size 23 cm x 38 cmThese Oil only pillows are made from a spun-bond outer casing that is both stitched and heat sealed to enclose a recycled polypropylene core. The surface is fast-wicking so promotes faster absorption.
15 x Socks size 8 cm x 1.2 m (3” x 4’)Oil only socks are made with a strong spun-bond outer sleeve and a recycled meltblown polypropylene and cellulose core, producing a resilient no-lint product.
10 x Waste BagsThese are made from a tough grade of polythene. There is also a cable tie supplied so that the waste can be secured safely.
2 pairs of glovesWaterproof gloves help to ensure safe handling of spilled substance.
2 pairs of gogglesAll-in one clear goggles provide eye protection from splashes.
1 guide bookAn informative booklet that advises on spill recovery.