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Sperian has developed a line of High Efficiency (HE) Powered
Air Purifying Respirators designed to be economical and durable
without compromising user comfort or protection. Choose between
a Mask Mounted PAPR system or a Belt Mounted PAPR system
depending on your application and needs.

Ultimate Comfort
Sperian’s mask mounted Survivair PAPR is lightweight, weighing only 59
ounces. The belt mounted units weigh a bit more, however, the belt mounted
battery pack and blower/filter assembly is designed to ride comfortably on
the wearer’s hip, as a result taking the weight off the facepiece.
Efficient and Hassle Free

All Sperian PAPRs have powerful motors that provide high air flow rates
which exceed the NIOSH requirements for loose and tight fitting headpieces.
All PAPRs feature long-lasting battery packs with trouble-free recharging.
NiCad battery packs feature a quick-connect power cord, auto-reset fuse and
a rated 8-hour battery charge to last a full work shift.

PAPR Features
Mask Mounted PAPR
• Lightweight unit will not slow worker
• The battery pack is water resistant
and contoured for wearer comfort
• Automatic resetting circuit protector
requires no fuses, protecting against
battery short circuits
• Silicone facepiece offers high durability
and unmatched comfort
• Speaking diaphragm enhances wearer
• Long-lasting battery pack with troublefree
• Includes: facepiece, blower, battery,
battery charger, power cord, HE filter,
belt and air flow tester