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The REED ST-805 Sound Level Meter is designed to meet IEC651 Type 2 requirements for sound level measurement. The compact and economical ST-805 picks up the small variations in pressure that are the sound waves and, after passing it through amplifiers, filters, etc. provides you with a clear, easy-to-read digital reading in decibels.
Built-in 1/2″ electret condenser microphone for high accuracy and long-term stability
Dual range measurement (Hi/Lo)
Large, easy-to-read LCD display
Selectable fast/slow response (In the “slow” position, the measurement is damped and indicates an average sound level. The “slow” response in most commonly used for workplace and environmental noise studies. In the “fast” position, the meter reacts rapidly to any change in the sound level. Set the meter to “F” if the noise to be measured consists of short bursts, or if peak values are to be observed.)
Selectable A/C weighting (When the weighting switch is set to A, the meter primarily measures frequencies in the 500 to 10000 Hz range, which is the area of greatest sensitivity to the human ear. When set to C weighting, the
meter measures uniformly over the frequency range of 32 to 10000 Hz, giving an overall sound level indication.)
Max Hold button to lock peak values
Easy calibration with internal oscillator
Tripod mount for long-term monitoring