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Honeywell North CF7001US Type CE respirator is designed for respiratory protection during abrasive blasting operations.
Abrasive blasting has been the most frequently used technique to prepare surfaces for a wide range of different applications which include ship building & repair, industrial painting, structure restoration & applications that require degreasing, cleaning, remediation & removal of contaminants. Workers who perform abrasive blasting require a high protection level from biological, physical and chemical hazards they encounter while abrasive blasting, & where concentrations are below the contaminant’s IDLH.

Potential work site air contaminants may include copper, chromium, cadmium, iron, arsenic, manganese, lead, crystalline silica, amorphous silica – the list is exhaustive. The respiratory risk of exposure is great for blaster personnel and also for pot tenders and cleanup workers.

Honeywell’s North CF7000 series respirators were developed for the US Navy. They requested an improved respirator with a much wider visibility range, easy switching from a supplied air to air purifying respirator, lightweight & increased worker comfort overall.

CF-SAR / APR Combination

The CF7000 Series respirators are NIOSH 42 CFR 84 standard tested & certified as a combo Type CE, supplied air continuous flow abrasive blasting & air purifying respirator using P100 filters* for exit, entry, to intermittent use for moving from air source to air source as well as escape.

An Improved, Clearer View

The Honeywell respiratory team collaborated with Uvex safety designers to develop a patented, innovative lens cartridge system & amazing, distortion free facepiece optics. A snap on cartridge which is constructed with impact resistant polycarbonate, provides workers with 4 layers of lenses. Each of the 4 lens layers is removed easily as the outside layer becomes overly abraded from the blasting grit, even while wearing thick work gloves.

Wider Viewing Range

The wide range of vision, at 160 degrees provides unsurpassed visibility with no distortion. The increased downward view ensures an unobstructed view of your work area such as hoses & other obstacles which may cause trip & fall hazards. Lenses are ANSI Z87 compliant for impact resistance. There is no requirement for additional safety eye wear and it is suitable to use along with prescription lens spectacle inserts.