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Fendall Pure Flow 1000
The Fendall Pure Flow 1000 emergency eyewash station delivers the required 15 minutes of flushing with a preserved, buffered, saline solution that is superior to tap water for emergency eye care. No plumbing required! Available with standard or 100% sterile saline eyewash solution.

Solution Set of 2 Honeywell Saline solution cartridges; standard pH-balanced, sterile pH-balanced, high humidity
Flow Duration 15 minutes
Dimensions Reservoir up: 29″ L x 30″ H x 17 1/4″ D, Reservoir down: 29″ L x 41″ H x 17 1/4″ D
Capacity 7 gallons
Maintenance Replace cartridge every 24 months
Expiration 24 month cartridge life from date of manufacture (sold separately)
RFID Enabled ESP™ Enabled Safety Products RFID Technology
Easy View Window Makes inspection and maintenance quick and easy.