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The Draeger Pac 7000 for carbon dioxide (CO2) displays constant gas level readings and has no fixed lifespan. The CO2 sensor has a resolution down to 0.1 percent Vol. and a range of 0-5 percent Vol. This lifetime monitor features an easily changed battery and sensor which lower the long-term cost of ownership.

The Pac 7000 for CO2 is easy to calibrate and configure. A simple two-button interface provides access to bump test mode, sensitivity calibration, and fresh air calibration cycles. Draeger’s Pac 7000 has an infrared interface to access data-logged information.

The Pac 7000 series monitors are rated IP 65 for water and dirt resistance. The monitors are both durable and long-lasting. Electromagnetic resistance has been optimized in the design and the device is manufactured for unlimited lifetime usage.

Key Features:
Measuring range – 0 – 5 percent Vol.
Resolution 0.1 percent Vol.
No fixed lifespan
Easily replaced battery and sensor
2-year sensor warranty
Constant readout of CO2 level
IP 65 water resistance
Related Products:
Connection to a PC for access to data logged information uses the Draeger Communication Module .

Total Weight:
3.8 oz.