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BW Clip 2-Year Detectors Low High Min. Max. Measuring Range Order Number
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) 5 ppm 10 ppm 2 ppm 20 ppm 0-100 ppm BWC2-S

The most user-friendly, reliable and cost-effective
way to ensure safety and compliance
The BW Clip single-gas detector is your everyday companion for
hazardous environments. It operates up to three years maintenance-free:
Just turn on the device and it runs continuously – no need for calibration,
sensor replacement, battery replacement or battery charging. That means
great reliability and no downtime.
Plus, with the two-year BW Clip for H2S or CO, you can put the device
in a hibernation case when you’re not using it for a week or more – and
extend its life by that period of time.
Compatible with both the MicroDock II and the IntelliDoX instrument
management systems, the BW Clip is engineered to the highest standards
of quality and reliability, keeping you safe and compliant.
Standard Package Contents
• Detector complete with specified sensor, stainless steel alligator clip
and concussion-proof housing
• Test cap
• Instructions