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Standard eyewash sprayheads emit a gentle, concentrated flow of water designed to rinse the eyes. Bradley’s black, eye/face wash sprayheads emit a soft, wide sprinkler-like flow of water to primarily rinse the eyes and areas around the eyes. Face spray rings are designed to emit a soft sprinkler-like flow of water that encompasses most of the face, and is used in conjunction with standard spray heads focused on the eyes.
Bradley Corporation designs its laboratory and deck mounted eyewashes around the standard 1 in. lavatory deck thickness
The S19-200B, faucet mounted eyewash ships with three standard adapters, Bradley recommends that customers check the thread size and gender of their faucet, in advance and compare that to the details on the S19-200B faucet mounted eyewash technical data sheet
S19-200B, faucet mounted eyewash cannot be used in conjunction with a censored faucet; the eyewash needs to have a constant supply of tepid water flowing to it, the valve must remain open once the user activates the fixture
User merely needs to push against the stainless steel handle, which requires less than 5 lbs. of force, and activate the fixture