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Advanced™ Davit Arm for Portable Fall Arrest Post
Model: 8516693
Davit arm for portable, telescoping fall arrest post with adjustable 71” (180.3 cm) height and 34” (86.4 cm) offset.
Product Highlights
Davit arm for portable fall arrest post
Adjustable offset upper davit mast (model 8518001)
Built-in primary and secondary pulleys
Quick mount winch/SRL bracket
Detent and knob style adjustment
Built-in secondary fall arrest anchor point
Includes cable stabilizer strap
Lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum construction
Order 8516691 fall arrest post and winch/SRL separately

Overview: The Davit Arm option for the Portable Fall Arrest Post is a popular option and greatly expands the functions of your existing anchor. The davit arm’s unique clamping design allows it to attach to the post without the need to disconnect the worker. This rescue davit offers a maximum working height of 71” (180.3 cm) and a maximum offset of 34” (86.4 cm). The post also has 3 optional pinning points that would adjust the range of height and offset. It can be used for a wide variety of tasks such as confined space entry and work support from the top of a work platform. When it comes to confined space entry/rescue, it is essential that equipment operates perfectly and quickly. DBI-SALA® has an extensive line of rescue and retrieval systems with decades of proven field service. Safety engineers and site directors trust DBI-SALA® for the type of high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most.