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At 240 gsm this split roll is an economical alternative to the 286 gsm heavier weight version.The roll is made from a single layer of meltblown which is sonically bonded together. The sonic bonding points makes the roll less prone to stray fibres becoming detached. This gives the roll a very even structure which also contributes to the good absorbency rate. These attributes help make the roll an industry standard construction because it offers all-round average performance but excellent versatility. The grey colour helps to hide any absorbed liquids.The roll is perforated down its length, every 19 cm (7.5”) and across its width every 50 cm (20”) at no additional cost.The roll is 38 cm wide by 46 metres long and is made from a single layer of meltblown fibres with bond points. The roll is supplied in a clear plastic bag.